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Wall Mural Installation Instructions/un-pasted wall murals





Wall Mural Installation Instructions/un-pasted wall murals

The following instructions are meant as a general guideline to installing wall murals. Please follow the specific instructions that the manufacturer has included with your mural. If instructions were not with your mural, please contact us and we will provide them to you.

Installation of your Wall Mural is fun and easy.

Just follow these simple instructions for professional results!

  • Prepare the wall surface as you would for any ordinary wallpaper. Do not hang on glass.
  • For best results, the wall should be free of any previous wallcovering and reasonably clean.

  • Lay out the design as indicated in the instruction sheet.
  • Prepare the paste.
  • Draw a horizontal line equidistant from floor to ceiling across the wall...this is your guide line which will ensure the design is centered on your wall.

  • Take the first panel.  Apply the paste (be sure to get the edges).
  • Mount the panel carefully, lining it up with the line you drew on the wall (for larger pieces this may require two people). Smooth onto wall
  • Overlap all panels by approximately 1/4 of an inch (3mm).
  • Smooth onto wall. Any small bubbles will disappear once the mural has dried.
  • Continue applying the panels in the order indicated in the instruction sheet. 
  • After the mural has completely dried, finish off by trimming any excess.
  • Your Photo Mural is now complete!

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