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Frequently Asked Questions

At Mural Superstore we only sell name brand products. We are not a "print our own" company. The manufacturers of the products that we sell have been trusted by retailers for decades as high quality products. By purchasing a brand name like Komar, Environmental Graphics, Ideal Decor or QuickMurals brand wall mural, you can feel confident that your mural has been produced by a national company that has been in the wall mural business for decades. You can be sure that the item you receive is backed by a full manufacturers' guarantee against damage or defects.


Q:  What is the difference between pre-pasted wall murals, un-pasted wall murals, and Peel & Stick Wall Murals?

A: All wallpaper murals fall into one of three categories; Pre-pasted, Un-pasted, or Peel & Stick.

1) Un-pasted Wall Murals: The manufacturers of the un-pasted murals place a small packet of powdered paste inside the box at the manufacturing facility. The powdered paste must be mixed with water and brushed onto the back of the mural before installing. The un-pasted murals arrive to you in panels. Each panel is approximately 4ft High x 3ft Wide. You apply the panels to the wall one at a time to create the mural. All un-pasted murals are printed on a heavy paper stock, they can be wiped occasionally with a slightly damp sponge but are not "scrubbable" and cannot be placed outdoors. This is true with ANY un-pasted wall mural sold anywhere.

2) Pre-pasted Wall Murals: The pre-pasted murals are actually pre-pasted wallpaper. They arrive to you in 18" wide rolls. The height of the particular mural you purchase will determine the length of that roll, but the width is always 18". The paste is already on the back of the mural. To install you simply unroll a panel and dip it into water, let it sit for a few minutes, and then smooth onto the wall. Each panel is numbered so when you put them up in the right order they will create the picture. The pre-pasted murals are washable with soap and water but cannot be placed outdoors. Pre-pasted murals are removable by simply peeling away from the wall. Un-pasted murals usually require some scraping, but neither pre-pasted or un-pasted murals will harm the surface of the wall.

3) Peel & Stick Wall Murals (QuickMurals® brand) are applied by simply peeling off the protective backing and smoothing onto any smooth, flat non-porous surface - indoors or outdoors. No tools or paste are needed to install the "QuickMurals®". They are repositionable and can be moved from wall to wall hundreds of times. QuickMurals® will not damage your walls and will not leave any sticky residue when removed. "QuickMurals®" can also be applied directly onto glass.


Q: What are "Portable Murals"?

A: Portable Murals (aka Minute Murals) are custom wallpaper murals printed on heavy duty professional-grade wallcovering. Each mural is shipped as a complete kit containing metal suspension bars, hanging hardware, and instructions. The mural assembles in minutes with no tools required.
The new decorating solution for small spaces, apartments, dorms, condominiums and more, these portable murals are extremely versatile.


Q: Can I put a mural on my wall if it is concrete, cinder block, has a rough stucco or orange-peel texture, or already has paneling on it?

A: Yes - depending on the type of wall, you may have to do one the following:

    Hang lining paper: Using a heavy duty adhesive apply,
Heavy Duty Wall Liner to the wall where the mural is to be placed. Sometimes it helps to paste both the wall surface and the back of the lining paper since the lining paper is porous and heavy. Once the lining paper has dried, apply a primer/sealer. If applying Heavy Duty Wall Liner to cinder-block, concrete or wood paneling, it is best to use an un-pasted wall liner and liberally apply a heavy duty adhesive. This will ensure that the wall liner stays on the wall. Other methods include:

Floating the Walls: Use a broad knife to trowel the joint compound over the rough walls in light, even coats. After the wall is at the preferred smoothness, allow to dry. Prime the newly smooth surface with 2 coats of primer/sealer. Or using a heavy duty adhesive, apply a Heavy Duty Wall Liner to the wall where the mural is to be placed.

Sanding: If the texture is minimal, this process is adequate and time-saving. After sanding, a primer/sealer is applied. This method is the least preferred, however, because of the labor and the dust that covers the entire house. Applying a Heavy Duty Wall Liner will also cover lightly textured walls.

   Wood-paneled walls: Wash thoroughly with a de-glossing solution and water, then sand smooth. Fill vertical grooves of paneling with spackle and apply primer. Seal with acrylic or alkyd primer, allow to cure, and hang wall mural. Or using a heavy duty adhesive, apply
Heavy Duty Wall Liner to the wall where the mural is to be placed.


Q:  I live in Florida and we have "orange peel" textured walls. Can I install a mural on "orange peel" textured walls without smoothing them first.

A:  You can use an un-pasted mural and apply paste both to the wall and to the mural panels. This extra paste will help 'fill in' the lower areas of the texture and help create a better bond for the mural.
Pre-pasted murals and QuickMurals™ do not allow for an overlapping in the seams. As a result the seams may not line-up correctly as one side of the seam may be high and the other side low. This will create an unsightly gap. An un-pasted mural on the other hand, allows you to overlap the seams slightly to eliminate this problem.

Q:  I found a mural that I like but it is too big for my wall. Can your murals be trimmed down to fit my wall exactly?

A:  Trimming a mural to fit your wall exactly is quite common and necessary in some cases. There are a few murals where trimming more than a few inches will ruin the scene though. Examples; "Soft Breeze" and "El Paradiso". Trim away enough of the mural so that you can easily work with it and then when it is on the wall and completely dried, do a final trimming with a razor knife.


Q:  Can your murals be used outdoors?

A:  Only the "QuickMurals™" brand of Peel & Stick murals are suitable for outdoor applications.


Q: Can I apply a wallpaper mural on new unpainted drywall?

A: On new drywall, apply a pigmented wallcovering primer/sealer. In order for the paste to 'grab' the wall, the wallcovering primer/sealer must be completely dried. The longer that you wait - the better, but at least 48 hours. "Quick Murals" brand Peel & Stick murals can be applied directly onto new or unpainted drywall without additional preparation.

Q: Do you sell panels individually?

 A:   Unfortunately the manufacturer doesn't sell the panels individually. The reason for that is that they produce one mural and then cut THAT mural into sections. This is to insure that each mural fits together as one complete picture. Also there is some slight color variation between "runs" (if they made several panel #1's and then several panel #2's - when you put the mural up there would be slight color differences in the sky or water etc.)


Q: Can I pay with a check or a money order?

A: We are happy to accept your personal check or money order. Simply add the item(s) being ordered to the shopping cart, this will give you the order total dollar amount. Either print out the Mail-in Order Form Mail_in _Order_Form.pdf or legibly handprint your order and include it with your payment. Be sure to include the address that you would like us to send your order to as well as your phone # and an email address if you have one. Please be aware that it may take up to 7 business days for your check to clear before your order is shipped.  Mail-in orders paid with a United States Postal Service money order will be treated as cash and will ship immediately.                                    


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