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                   SkyBox Sports Scenes Philadelphia Phillys/Citizens Bank Park Wall Mural    


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Philadelphia Phillys/Citizens Bank Park Wall Mural

Philadelphia Phillys/Citizens Bank Park Wall Mural 
  • Resistant to UV radiation (fading)

  • Easy "do-it-yourself" installation

  • High level of durability

  • Washable & Stain resistant

  • Officially Licensed by MLB

major league baseball   Skybox Sports Scenes  stadium mural

Size 4 Ft. H x 6 Ft. W

Size 8 Ft. H x 12 Ft. W

Now you can have home field advantage with officially licensed wall-sized PhotoMurals featuring your favorite Major League Baseball® ballparks. These PhotoMurals are produced on durable vinyl wallpaper. These murals provide a unique opportunity for avid sports fans of all ages to bring their favorite Major League Baseball ballpark into their own home or business. Each PhotoMural image is hand-selected and reproduced using the highest quality materials, printers and ink and is printed with the Official Major League Baseball silhouetted batter logo and team logo

Choose from two sizes;


Wall-Sized 8 ft high x 12 ft long Mural


This Wall-sized PhotoMural is produced on 30-inch wide by 8-foot high strips of high quality pre-pasted wallpaper and packaged in a rugged shipping container with an easy-to-use "do-it-yourself" installation guide. This product is produced utilizing premium wallpaper and ink resulting in easy installation, vibrant colors and a high level of durability. The PhotoMurals are resistant to UV radiation (fading), staining and can be easily cleaned with sponge and water.


4 ft high x 6 ft long Mural


This 4 ft x 6 ft PhotoMural is produced on durable vinyl wall covering to ensure your PhotoMural lasts for years. The 4' x 6' PhotoMural comes on a single 48-inch high by 72-inch wide strip that is resistant to UV radiation (fading). This product requires the use of all-purpose wall coving adhesive (paste) formulated for non-pasted wallpaper.  
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